Important Notice about Email For Sage 300 ERP Users

Business growth is super tough given how the economy has shaped since the COVID-19 pandemic, which has alarmed many tech giants to step in. One such tech giant is SAGE which has created  SAGE...Read more

Sage One Complete: Cloud based accounting system for SMB's

     How many of you have ever heard of Sage Accounting Software? Seriously, how many of you have ever heard of Sage? They make some of the best accounting software on the planet, but...Read more

Is Your ERP Software a Rust Bucket?

Rules of thumb for determining when it is time to upgrade your accounting software. Owning old accounting software is like owning an old car. No matter how much you try to keep it clean, nice and...Read more

What's new for you in Sage Pro ERP 2011?

Sage Pro 2011 is officially available now. There are some very convenient enhancements in Sage Pro 2011 that were designed to improve efficiency and help you work smarter. Reconcile your bank...Read more

Are you Outgrowing QuickBooks?

    For many businesses, tiny to medium-sized companies, QuickBooks has been THE go-to financial management tool for years. QuickBooks was launched in 1998 and quickly gained popularity...Read more

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How Big Data will Change our Lives

Source:     If you’re in the market for a career change or still in school and thinking about your future, consider the growing economy around Big Data and Data Science....Read more

Disaster Recovery (DR) Do you have a plan in place?

All companies need to be prepared for emergencies; however, there are an astounding percentage that are not. If some sort of catastrophic event were to happen, would your company be ready? Do you...Read more

Accelerating Transformation for a post-COVID-19 World

Take a deep dive into ways the pandemic has underscored the value of a digital transformation strategy in the Harvard Business Review's "Accelerating Transformation for a Post-Covid-19 World." From...Read more

Harvard Business Review Infographic

 The pandemic acted as an accelerator, and this Harvard Business Review infographic captures the importance of digital transformation in our new reality. See which shifts top business executives are...Read more

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Did You Know: Chatbots Help to Improve Your SEO Strategy

  Source: Pixabay   Chatbots have several features and benefits to businesses and are all the rage at the moment. A chatbot is the most sophisticated technology that you can add to your...Read more

A great low cost tool to get more Web Traffic

  A great  low cost tool to improve your web traffic is called This tool is excellent for the purpose of tracking up to 5 keywords and building up your local links so...Read more

Business Development Opportunities for ISPs in Sub Saharan Africa

Though it is home to over thirteen percent of the world's population, Africa (and namely, Sub Saharan Africa) continues to account for only around three percent of internet usage, globally.  In...Read more

Autoresponder Magic - SEO SOS #18

  On average it takes about 7 contacts for you to entice your client into doing business with you.  That doesn't mean that a person has to come to your website 7 times before they will...Read more

SEO SOS #17 - PPC Advertising vs. Organic Positioning

Much of what our lessons have been geared toward focus on getting your website found by the search engines so that your potential audience can find you.  Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has been...Read more