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IT Support

* Over fifty years of industry experience means there are few problems or types of problems that will be entirely new to us. This means you can trust us to have some experience that will address your issue.

* A wide variety of business connections with other firms means that you can trust us to find a well qualified resource to solve your problem in the occasional case that we cannot do it internally.

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* Connections with DellMicrosoftSageIntuitCDWInforWellspring SoftwareData Fabrication, Lenovo, HP, xTupleFieldNation and others will give you the assurance that we can access advanced technical support on products that you need support on, so you don't have to be the one to wait on the phone for an answer or a price.

* Currently, many of our customers are on a managed services model, (fixed fee per user or workstation per month)  because we have found that a proactive approach to support works better for everyone. The need to "Roll Trucks" to solve a pressing business systems problem is rapidly diminishing and we are changing to meet that reduced need.