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FoxPro Database Programming

PCM has been using the xBase programming language for over 28 years and we have evolved our way of managing projects to better serve our customers.

First, we perform a needs analysis which is a discussion of what the desired software application should do for the target business or department. This results in a specification or a description of the application.

Then, we can supply a fixed price or time and materials quote to get the work done. This includes testing, debugging, and revisions to the specification. If the work is fixed price and the specification gets revised which sometimes happens, we will make up a change order quote to cover the cost of the changes.

This approach is more like that of a home builder and we have found that we can guarantee the work, and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Other times, you just need to get somebody working on a foxpro database that needs a small change, and you need it as fast as possible. In those cases, the time and materials model tends to work best.

“We’re more efficient, Everybody can work at a better rate because it’s so smooth and we don’t have to stop for glitches.”

Lisa Apiquian, Westmont, IL