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WellSpring Software - PrintBoss

PCMethods Note: This is one of the most useful pieces of software you can add to an accounting system. It typically pays for itself in under 6 months. It works with everything we sell. Click here for a partial list of over 35 accounting systems supported by PrintBoss. If your accounting system is not on this list, we can add it with a small project. 

Print Blank Checks
Print Accounting Forms
Manage your accounting documents:

Print checks

  • Increase security by printing onto blank check stock

  • Add a security protected signature

  • Restrict the personnel who can print checks

  • Print the check amount with a secure background

  • Create a security stamp that identifies the person who printed the check

  • Automatically create a Positive Pay file

Manage other documents

  • Simultaneously print to multiple printers

  • Add bar codes

  • Fax or email copy simultaneously

  • Print Bank specific deposit slips

Save Money. Don't pay for expensive pre-printed forms.
Save Time. Your time is valuable. PrintBoss can make it more available.


Create Automatic Clearing House (ACH) payment files to electronically pay vendors


Add security by using blank stock. Make your software more secure with PrintBoss.


Simultaneously print multiple copies from different trays and/or printers.





Export your document to a TIFF image file.


Export your document to a PDF file.


Fax your documents using the Wellspring fax service.


Email original documents or copies.