Important Notice about Email For Sage 300 ERP Users

Business growth is super tough given how the economy has shaped since the COVID-19 pandemic, which has alarmed many tech giants to step in. One such tech giant is SAGE which has created  SAGE 300 ERP, a software that helps users automate their finances, eliminate business complexities, ease the process of inventory management, and more. SAGE 300 is an essential tool for companies that use it. If you send emails from Sage 300 and are not on the current release, you may have problems with Outlook and Exchange. 

Update SAGE 300 before September 22, 2022

According to Microsoft, Basic Authentication for email services will be disabled, and it is highly recommended for users to upgrade to the latest versions of the SAGE 300 version 2021.4/2022.1 and for SAGE 300 version 2020.8 or the latest one rolling out on October 1, 2022. Basic authentication applies to all services that work closely with email providers.

Microsoft posted in MC286990:

Today, we are announcing that effective October 1, 2022, we will begin to permanently disable Basic Auth in all tenants, regardless of usage (with the exception of SMTP Auth, which can still be re-enabled after that).

How does the upgrade mentioned above impact you?

Any users using the SAGE 300 version past the date of the recommended upgrade won't be able to communicate by email from within Sage 300. Sage did these upgrades to strengthen data security. If you do not send emails directly from Sage 300 (for example, if you only mail reports or send them to a PDF and then email them in a different program like Print Boss), the issue won't necessarily affect you. The upgrade also provides features like:

  • Web Screens: Sage 300 comes with Web Screens that provide real-time access to your data through a browser. You can check your accounts anytime with new GL charts of Accounts, Project Job Cost screens, and an all-new reminder list.

  • Redesigned finder in Web Screens: The redesigned finder is a new feature that closely aligns with the full-featured finder functionality and with keyboard shortcuts that help you save tons of time.

  • Order & Purchasing Entry: This one is a lifesaver as now you can mass add both with a set dare and set location parameter, making it easier to track entries.

  • Enhanced 3rd Party integration: You can use Microsoft Office 365 email from within Sage 300 if the latest update is installed. There are also enhancements to the API, which make 3rd party integration easier. 

Closing thoughts

As mentioned above, due to the update in Email authentication services, you will need to update the SAGE 300 ERP before October 1, 2022, so that you don't face any issues using your favorite accounting and ERP software for your business.

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