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Web Development for Business

Lots of companies offer website development. PC Methods is different because it focuses on what the website is supposed to do for your business rather than how it looks.What might a website do for your business:

  • Provide information to prospects
  • Attract prospects to your business
  • capture lead information
  • set up regular emails to contact interested prospects and customers
  • Sell product to customers (eCommerce)
  • Book appointments for service businesses
  • Record customer problems

We have worked on websites since 1996 when we did it in raw HTML code. Since then, several good CMS (content management systems) have become available making it much easier to make a website with lots of interesting content. We have made eCommerce systems go from a process which took eight people all morning to enter orders to a 5 minute automated order entry process.  We can set things up so you are able to change your website whenever you want without calling us. (This is important, because updates to your website make it more attractive to Google and prospects). Everybody's needs are different so we will have to have a serious discussion about what you want, but everybody needs to have a website that actually works for them instead of just looking pretty.