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Did You Know: Chatbots Help to Improve Your SEO Strategy


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Chatbots have several features and benefits to businesses and are all the rage at the moment. A chatbot is the most sophisticated technology that you can add to your site today. It will help streamline customer engagement with website visitors and customers.


As a website owner, you could be wondering what chatbots can do to your website. One of the most significant benefits it brings to a business is improving its SEO strategy. This blog looks at some of the ways that chatbots can help to improve your SEO strategy. 


Read on to find out more about it.

  1. Boosting customer engagements

Abundant traffic flow to your website isn't enough to guarantee you higher sales or profits. Engaging them and convincing them to convert from your company is all you need to do. AI chatbots are great communication tools that will help to propel your business to greater heights.


It is also vital to remember that chatbots can help engage your customers even after you've closed sales. Chatbots also engage customers better than contact forms and other website features. They improve your SEO by enhancing customer engagement and changing it to customer experience.

  1. Boosting brand authenticity

Your first impression may have a lasting impact on your customers. People visiting your website for the first time need to feel the authenticity of your business. You cannot convince people if they cannot view your brand as authentic and trustworthy.


The best thing about chatbots is that they can enhance your brand's image out there. People visiting your site for the first time may develop a different perception of your business. Chatbots interact with visitors, provide answers to the most common questions and create an excellent first impression.

  1. Increasing customer dwell time

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The time customers spend on your website is vital in determining your sales volumes. Many customers visit a website and click away without proceeding further to complete a purchase. Besides, Google will rank you better if customers spend more time clicking through different pages on your website.


One of the best ways to keep people on your website for long is by introducing a chatbot. A chatbot will keep people chatting on your website and thus increasing the time spent. They will also direct visitors to check products on other pages of your site, consequently increasing customer dwell time.

  1. Enhancing website speeds

Good website speeds have several benefits to a business. First, they contribute to better rankings on SERPs and also give customers a great experience on a website. As you look to scale your business with more sales and revenues, you must improve the loading speeds.


Chatbots play a critical role in improving customer perception of your website speeds. Although content on your site could be loading slowly, it may be difficult for customers to tell if a chatbot keeps them busy. A well-optimized chatbot guarantees speedy responses.

  1. Providing a personalized user experience

The average internet user and buyer is changing every day. Now, it is even more challenging to convince someone to buy from your site than it was a couple of years ago. It isn't easy to impact your communication if you do not give it a personalized approach.


Customers expect a tailor-made user experience whenever they click on your site. You will lose a huge chunk of them if you do not provide to your expectations. Chatbots can collect customer information and make hyper-personalized recommendations that could make customers happy.

  1. Reducing site bounce rates

Your website bounce rate can affect your SEO and lead to low rankings on SERPs. As a business, you need to convince Google and other search engines that your site is worth recommending to visitors. If you can do that effectively, then revenues and other benefits will come in excess.


Chatbots have a way of reducing your bounce rate, thanks to their outstanding features. They interact with your visitors and provide extra information about products, which could convince them to purchase. In the end, your website will record a reduced bounce rate and rank higher on search engines.

  1. Improve website functionality and performance

Every effective SEO strategy has to include onsite SEO as a feature. Onsite SEO means optimizing the technical aspects of your website to match search engine standards. What you need to do to achieve this is ensuring that the website has a responsive and intuitive design.


It would be best if you also had aesthetics to create a positive perception of your business out there. According to research, website design makes up for 94% of first impressions. That means you need features like chatbots to enhance user experiences and create good first impressions of your brand.

  1. Gathering customer-centric information

Source: Pixabay


You cannot improve your website or business if you do not have customer data at your fingertips. It is vital to gather as much data as you can from website visitors to improve your SEO. Chatbots have made their mark as essential tools you can use to collect customer-centric data.


The best thing about chatbots is that you can deploy them to collect this data 24/7. Therefore, you can analyze customer behavior even for customers who click on your site when you're away. You can use the gathered information then to build your website and improve its online visibility.

  1. Driving traffic to less visited web pages

There Are other areas of your website that could be the least visited. As a business owner, any unexplored part of your business could translate to a loss in revenues. It would be best if you did something about web pages with few monthly visits to increase the number of clicks on them.


One of the best ways that you can do that is by introducing a chatbot. It will recommend products that a visitor could be interested in and provide a link to the page. It will turn a visitor who could have clicked away from your site into a customer and improve your SEO with positive reviews.

  1. Enhance your website's capabilities

Online selling can be tricky if you do not embrace technology. For instance, a prospective customer may visit your website with the hope of closing a deal. After finding the product, they click on the checkout page that becomes unresponsive for any reason unknown to them.


Probably, the customer will click away and look for another source of the product. A chatbot can help to prevent this and increase the volume of sales you make. You can configure it to read customer behavior on your website. If a customer is taking too long on a page, it can pop up and offer help.


A stuck visitor could be glad to have a chatbot help them complete their purchase stress-free. In turn, you will have made a sale from a customer who was on the verge of giving up. With a chatbot, your website will be capable of more than displaying products.

  1. Improving website rankings

SEO is all about having your website rank highly on SERPs. There are several ways to ensure that your site climbs the ladder to the top. You can create top-notch content, provide the best user experience, etc. But then, that alone won't help you cut it in regards to SEO and website rankings.


You still need to have a few features that make your website stand out. The fact that Google wants to see your visitors happy, satisfied, and returning to your site means that you need to invest in chatbots. A chatbot can help you create a website that ranks highly on search engines.


Chatbots enhance user experiences through good communication and smoothen the purchase journey for customers. That could help convince search engines that your website is authentic and worth higher rankings.

  1. Enhancing site usability

Source: Pixabay


Usability is a vital aspect of any business website. You won't make any sales if customers cannot navigate your site quickly and find the products that they're looking for on it. Besides, you may never achieve higher rankings if your visitors report bad experiences with your site. Research shows that more than 88% of such visitors won’t return.


It would be best if you had a chatbot to guide visitors to various areas on your website. Users can type in the product that they're looking for, and a chatbot helps them get to the exact page it is found. That will enhance the usability of your site, provide better user experiences and improve SEO rankings.


Those are some of the ways through which chatbots can improve your strategy and business. It helps to enhance customer engagement, promote a personalized user experience, enhance website capabilities, etc. As a business owner, these are benefits you'll love to see on your website.


These benefits show that chatbots are indeed a futuristic piece of technology. If you're employing a customer support team, chatbots will take off workloads from it. They'll make the website user experience better and thus are worthy investments for any business.


Peter Heinicke

Peter Heinicke

Chicago area ERP consultant with over 40 years of experience in Sage 300, Sage Pro, Quickbooks ERP and other systems

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