Autoresponder Magic - SEO SOS #18

Posted by Peter Heinicke on Fri, Aug 31, 2012 @ 09:39 PM

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On average it takes about 7 contacts for you to entice your client into doing business with you.  That doesn't mean that a person has to come to your website 7 times before they will purchase, but rather it means that on average it takes multiple contacts to do business with anyone.

Autoresponder Magic - SEO SOS #18

That contact may be in the form of a Pay-per-click advertisement that brings them to your website's home page where they then go to your product page and finally look at your FAQ, etc., etc.  That might qualify as three contacts since the points of contact were different.  However, rarely do you make a sale in the first pass.

One of the best ways for you to stay in touch with your client is using an Autoresponder system.  There are several aspects that make this a perfect tool for you as a contact manager.  Below are the steps you take to implement an Autoresponder contact system.

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This is the simple explanation of an Autoresponder.  In our next SEO SOS lesson, we will cover the various ways you can use this tool to actively market to your subscribers.  The Autoresponder we use that is both popular and powerful is ConstantContact and can be found at  http://www.constantcontact.com  and you can go to the website and enroll for a 60-day free trial for up to 100 email addresses.

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