Strategies for Recovery: Inventory Efficiency

Business owners and managers often wonder how they can make their company more efficient, but lack the time necessary to research ways in which they can actually make a change. In the current economic climate implementing a solution or process that moves the company to greater efficiency is a great stepping stone towards recovery.

Actions such as: streamlining processes; maintaining inventory accuracy; reducing data entry; and consistently boosting customer service are all great ways to encourage the growth and efficiency of your organization. The great news is that automated barcoding is a cost-effective way in which all of these (and more) can be achieved.

A bar code scanning solution can help improve inventory accuracy by streamlining operations and producing a greater overall efficiency across the warehouse, accounting and sales departments. With a scanning bar code for each transaction, your inventory management and accounting systems are updated automatically in real-time giving staff consistent and immediate access to the information they need.

By scanning, verifying and updating information within one system countless improvements are made in regards to accuracy throughout the business. And the best part is many bar code scanning solutions are designed to integrate directly with your accounting system.

Due to its affordability and ease-of-use, more and more small-to-medium sized businesses are turning to bar-coding automation to improve their overall process and reduce costs.

Peter Heinicke

Peter Heinicke

Chicago area ERP consultant with over 40 years of experience in Sage 300, Sage Pro, Quickbooks ERP and other systems

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