Office 365 Email Speed Limits overcome by Liaison Messenger

Posted by Peter Heinicke on Fri, Apr 08, 2022 @ 10:40 PM

The following issue/solution is apparent to clients utilizing Office 365 for emailing and distributing a high volume (>30/minute) of invoices, orders, statements, etc.
It has recently been brought to our attention that Office 365 users are limited to sending 30 emails per minute. If the user submits messages at a rate that exceeds the limit, the messages will be rejected with receiving a bounce-back message and the client will need to retry.
The italicized sentence above was taken from the following Microsoft post:
Liaison Messenger EDD is a solution to this issue
Liaison Messenger EDD’s email delay feature allows you to slow down the frequency of when emails are sent so it does not exceed 30 emails per minute. By adjusting the highlighted field in the screenshot below you can control the frequency of email distribution, allowing you to adjust it based on the speed/specs of the machine Messenger EDD server resides on, which is where the emailing in Liaison Messenger EDD takes place.

We sell this product and please contact us by email or post if you need more information or a demo. #liaisonmessenger

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Budget Automation for Sage 300 ERP - It is easier than you think

Posted by Peter Heinicke on Wed, Jan 11, 2017 @ 12:10 PM

Budget processes conducted outside of your accounting system using external spreadsheets and handwritten notes will slow you down. Constangly updating these external worksheets are inevitable changes as changes occur with your planning and spending. These changes most likely cause errorswhen updating this information in both your external spreadsheets and your accounting system and waste valuable time with duplicate data entry. 

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PC Methods says Sage accpac Pro series is not Dead Yet!

Posted by Peter Heinicke on Wed, May 14, 2014 @ 09:42 AM


Stonefield Query for Sage Pro ERP


May, 2014 
Stonefield Software is pleased to announce the newest release of the Stonefield Query for Sage Pro ERP.
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Four Deadlines for Sage Pro and PFW customers

Posted by Peter Heinicke on Tue, Mar 19, 2013 @ 10:10 PM

There are four big deadlines on the horizon for Sage Pro and PFW customers. In many cases, customers will wish to do nothing and continue to use their existing system. However, the lack of software publisher support for the software will be a red flag for some users, and the use of older 32 bit programming languages will be a red flag for other users. (Note, with virtual systems becoming more supportable, it may be possible to run Pro and PFW indefinitely, but the caveat is that the longer this is done, the greater the risk that the software will become a black box that nobody understands. See our blog article on " Software Rusts"). Because of business reasons, Sage has chosen to declare that Sage Pro and Sage PFW will not be supported by Sage after March 31, 2014. (PCM will continue to support this product as long as there is a demand for support).
  • First Deadline is March 31, 2013. This deadline is for Sage Pro and PFW customers who wish to get on plan (get current with software support). Customers must be on plan to purchase additional modules, so off plan customers have until March 31, 2013 to decide if they want to purchase additional modules or user licenses for Sage Pro or PFW. They don't have to purchase the licenses by then, but they do have to get on plan by then.
  • The Second Deadline is September 30,2013. This deadline is to qualify for the migration discount described in the table below. No license fees will be charged for on plan customers wishing to migrate to a Sage 100 ERP or Sage 300 ERP license with the same number of users. A $2000 per user credit will be offered for on plan customers wishing to migrate to Sage X3 ERP. The cost to do so is a prorated portion of the annual software support fee for the new system only. (So instead of paying 118% of list which is the normal new license and support cost, you pay only 18% of list and even that is prorated). Off Plan users are not without discounts either.  They get $750 per user trade in credit toward any of Sage 100, Sage 300, or Sage X3. Technical support will be offered for Sage Pro and Sage PFW to on plan customers for 6 months after the new licenses are purchases, since most users will probably continue to use the old software during the conversion process.
  • The Third Deadline is March 31, 2014. After this time, NO MORE MODULES or USERS MAY BE ADDED TO Sage Pro or Sage PFW even if you are on plan.
  • The Fourth Deadline: After September 30, 2013 and until September 30, 2014, on-plan users will receive a $2000 per user trade-in credit for migrations to Sage 100, Sage 300, and Sage X3. They will still have to purchase licenses and the software support plan, but get this credit to reduce the cost. Off plan users will only get $500/user trade in credit.
  • Of course, Sage may offer some discounts after September 30, 2014, to try to round up addtional Pro and PFW users, but there is no promise or guarantee (or even a hint) that they will do so.
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SAGE ERP Problems: What is 'Dirty Data' ?

Posted by Peter Heinicke on Wed, Oct 31, 2012 @ 02:27 PM

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Reconcile credit card accounts in Sage 300 (ACCPAC) and Sage Pro

Posted by Peter Heinicke on Sat, Oct 27, 2012 @ 06:58 PM

  Some accounting systems and ERP systems such as QuickBooks Pro have built in support for reconciling credit card type accounts. Most of the mid level ERP packages such as Sage 300 ERP and SAGE PRO ERP do not have this support. So, what can be done to work around this missing feature?

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SR1 for Bartender Barcode Software Provides "True Edition Emulation"

Posted by Peter Heinicke on Sat, Jul 14, 2012 @ 11:39 AM

Seagull Scientific's Bartender Software prints barcodes, RFID tags, asset tags, shipping labels, from other software such as SAP, Sage Pro ERP, Sage 300 ERP, and custom software. Precision Computer Methods has customers who print millions of labels per year with this software rapidly and accurately.

Service Release #1 (first available on May 25, 2012), introduces translation updates and a variety of enhancements that many users will find useful. The most significant new developments are:
  • Translations Completed: Some user-interface components that had been new to version 10 had initially been released as "English only." That content has now been translated into the 22 additional languages supported by BarTender.
  • True Edition Emulation: It is now much easier for both Trial users and purchasing customers to try out the individual feature sets provided by each of the four BarTender editions available for purchase.
    • Previously, users of the Trial edition were basically trying out the full Enterprise Automation edition. Although it was easy to confirm that the features they needed were available, it took somewhat more effort to determine which of the four editions they should get.
    • Also previously (again, within the first 30 days), users of a purchased edition could easily try out features normally only available in the Enterprise Automation edition. (In this case, any features not normally available in the user's purchased edition would have the text "(Trial)" listed within the feature description.)
  • Regardless of whether you had a Trial or purchased edition, after designing the document that you need using BarTender, you could run the Help, Edition Requirements option within BarTender to learn which edition was required to address the design features you ended up using. Although this approach still works, BarTender SR1 now offers the added convenience of true "Edition Emulation." This allows users of any edition (including Trial) to try any other edition (instead of being limited to trying out just our highest-end Enterprise Automation edition). For example, Trial users that think they might only need the Professional edition can quickly switch to emulating exactly that edition, instead of being limited to effectively trying out only the Enterprise Automation edition. The first chance to specify an edition to emulate happens at install time. However, the edition to run can be easily changed later from within BarTender using the Help, Edition Selection option. As with the previous approach to running BarTender, purchasing users that emulate a higher edition will still see the text "(Trial)" listed within the description of higher-end features for the first 30 days. In the past, however, once this first 30 day period was over, these "Trial" features were no longer available. Now, with SR1, these features continue to be available for use after the first 30 days are over.
Other changes to the BarTender suite include:
  • BarTender User-Interface Improvements:
    • Object Creation Improvements:
      • BarTender's Text Toolbar and Line and Shape Toolbar are now always active. (Previously, they were only active when an appropriate object was selected.) This new capability allows you to specify settings for objects before you create them. For example, you can choose a default font and point size before you create one or more text objects. Or specify a line thickness and color before you draw a line.
      • "Lock aspect ratio" is now the default setting for certain shapes that should, by default, be based on circular or square shapes (such as arcs, pies, rings, chords, stars and regular polygons).
      • When drawing or resizing shapes, holding down the Shift key temporarily overrides the selected object's current Lock Aspect Ratio checkbox setting. For example, objects based on squares and circles (which default to Lock Aspect Ratio being checked) can be stretched in a single direction if you depress the Shift key when resizing. Similarly, objects based on rectangles and ovals (which default to Lock Aspect Ratio being unchecked) will temporarily force any resizing to be proportional if you hold down the Shift key.
    • Better feedback when objects cannot be moved or resized
  • Improved Print Station Performance:
    • The Print Station companion application is now optimized for faster printing.
    • Recently-used BarTender documents are now retained in memory instead of having to be loaded again from scratch for subsequent print jobs of the same document. (Print Station is now using the same document caching technology previously added to the Commander companion application.)
    • In addition, Print Station Setup now allows you to optionally specify any BarTender documents you would like to have preloaded into memory. Any such documents start out cached in memory and ready to use, even before you have printed them for the first time.
    • Since Print Station uses the BarTender SDK, it benefits from the SDK stability enhancements described below.
Print Server SDK Improvements: Applications based on the BarTender Print Server SDK now benefit from a number of performance enhancements. These include the same stability improvements that Commander received as part of BarTender 9.4 SR3. New capabilities include:
  • Restarting the BarTender process if it becomes unresponsive.
  • Automatically restarting the BarTender process on a schedule.
  • Document caching. The new properties and methods are summarized here. (For more detail, please consult the SDK documentation.)
  • IsResponsive property added to Engine and TaskEngine classes.
  • ResponsiveTimeout property added to Engine, TaskEngine, and TaskEngines classes.
  • RestartSchedule and StartupCommand properties added to TaskManager class.
  • Additional Start() method added to TaskManager class in support of document caching features.
  • CloseFormatAfterCompletion property added to all tasks that open BarTender documents.
  • Priority property added to Task class.
Seagull License Server (SLS) Improvements:
  • A User pane has been added to the SLS that allows administrators to view the active connections to SLS by user name. (A feature similar to this was present in versions of SLS prior to 9.3. It has now been restored by customer request.)
  • Installer user-interface more easily supports a minimal download size: Early in the install process, when users are asked to select an edition, they are given a new option of specifying either "Trial" or one of the four available-for-purchase editions. If the "Trial" option is selected, users are offered the option of a minimal, full, or custom download. When downloading and installing from the web over a slow internet connection, the option of downloading only the modules that you need can significantly speed up your install time.
The Trial edition was updated to SR1 on Seagull's web site on May 25th, 2012. Existing owners of version 10 can download either from there or the main Service Release page. True Edition Emulation Provided by this Service Release.
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Sage Pro ERP Series Upgrade History - Pro 6.0 to Pro 2011

Posted by Peter Heinicke on Mon, Jul 02, 2012 @ 11:17 PM

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Cloud-based version of Sage ACCPAC

Posted by Peter Heinicke on Wed, Feb 15, 2012 @ 05:09 PM

It’s well known that enterprise resource planning (ERP) software increases productivity and efficiency by integrating vital internal and external business functions.

And for many businesses, Sage Accpac is the ERP software of choice because of its ease of use, depth of functionality, adaptability to changing business environments, and scalability to manage growth.

However, the upfront IT costs of an in-house implementation of Accpac can be prohibitive, particularly for young, growing businesses. Fortunately, Accpac is available as an off-premises, hosted, Cloud solution—eliminating the need for expensive software and hardware investment.

Benefits of Sage Accpac

Sage Accpac helps disparate business functions coordinate to increase performance across the board. Working seamlessly with Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 and numerous databases (e.g. Pervasive, Oracle, MS SQL), Accpac synchronizes all information so that all employees in each functional area of your company are working together to achieve maximum efficiency.

Sage Accpac applications include:

  • operations and distribution management
  • accounting and financial management
  • payroll management
  • global operations management
  • services and project management
  • customer relationship management (Version 6 is integrated with Sage’s award-winning CRM solution.)
  • human resource management.

Not only will Sage Accpac aggregate information and supply it to all stakeholders, it provides analytic tools to empower informed decision making at the rapid pace demanded in today’s fast-moving business environment. As a specific example, consider how instant integration of human resources, project management, and customer relationship management can allow you to provide more accurate project price quotes.

Another key benefit of Accpac on the Cloud is that—due to its “pay for what you use” model—it’s easily scalable as your company grows. That’s true even if you expand internationally, because the software works with numerous currencies and five languages.

Implementation Steps

Although the Cloud-based Accpac is relatively easy to put into operation, it pays to work with a Sage Certified ERP consulting and services firm that can help ensure you get the package you need and then educate your employees on how to get the most benefit from the software.

Your employees won’t have to be “techies” to effectively use Accpac if they receive the proper instruction, including in-person training, online help, user manuals, and procedure guidelines.

The Bottom Line

You can improve your company’s efficiency—and therefore its profitability—by linking together all the moving parts of your business with the top-rated Sage Accpac ERP solution. And with the Cloud version, there’s no need for the bulk of the expense to be incurred at the outset. You can benefit from using Accpac now—and as your business grows. Talk with an PC Methods about how you can take advantage of this opportunity. The latest version of Accpac is Sage 300 ERP.

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Sage 300 ERP - Is it right for you and your company?

Posted by Peter Heinicke on Wed, Jul 20, 2011 @ 10:10 PM

Every business owner wants to maximize production and extract optimal profitability from their venture. This is only reasonable. It is generally agreed that two of the most integral keys central to a successful operation are communication and efficiency. Sage 300 ERP (ACCPAC) is a business management client that operates with these tenets in mind; ACCPAC accelerates growth within and eventually beyond the framework of your business.

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 Sage 300 ERP will change the way you look at all the moving parts that compose your business. Designed to function seamlessly with various operating systems, (be it Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8) and various databases, (Pervasive, MS SQL, Oracle) ACCPAC synchronizes everything your employees need to know into one ideal cost- effective solution. Using a cloud-based concept that keeps everyone and everything on the same page, Sage is formulated for internet use and is guaranteed to provide a dependable infrastructure for your growing business. Support for five languages and multiple currencies promises that no barriers get in the way of productivity if you expand internationally. Widely sharing information amongst every area of your operation has never been more straightforward. Technological accessibility is a concern of every business; even the savviest employees can have trouble with the at times overwhelming nature of morphing technologies and complex programming software. It should be possible for one to do his job without being an IT geek, and ACCPAC ensures that this will never be a concern. With proper training training, excellent online help, user manuals, and procedure manuals,  every member of your workforce can utilize every component of the software, meaning that you in turn can utilize every facet of that workforce.  Sage 300 ERP is designed to work for your company, not the other way around.

ACCPAC specializes in what you need to happen, when you need it. All of the programs included in Sage are committed to that ideal. The distribution solution keeps track of inventory, production rate and service department status - everything you need to be aware of - including order entry, inventory control, and sales tax calculating software, every inch of your expanding distribution cycle is at your fingertips.

Supporting your employees and all their individual unique skill sets is now, with the help of ACCPAC, as easy as you want it to be. Human resources are a snap with the services and project management solutions module; Time sheet support and project price quotes further aid to minimize the tedious legwork. The HR module ensures that while you help your workforce perform to their peak, you can keep comprehensive records of their progress and training.

For your operation to be at its best, you need business systems that work. Sage's business intelligence tools work. Be prepared to make faster, more informed decisions while taking more factors into account than ever before. Keeping costs low and achieving the proverbial bang for your buck is a concern ACCPAC is meant to address. Top rated among middle tier ERP solutions, Sage 300 ERP gets the job -- done more efficiently than any other.



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