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Does your accounting/ERP system have you boxed in? We can reconfigure it, re-train the staff, enhance it with add-on software, or find the right system for you to upgrade to. Are you looking for a Sage 300 Consultant? We excel in Sage 300 support which was formerly known as Accpac Advantage Got an old copy of SBT/ACCPAC/Sage Pro/Vision Point software and you want to keep it working or make it work better? We do that! We support all versions of SBT (the current version is called SAGE PRO 2011). We have over twenty three years of experience with SBT and many satisfied clients. Got an old copy of ACCPAC Plus or BPI? Do you want to keep it working or upgrade it? We can do either one, and have supported ACCPAC (Sage 300 ERP)  for fourteen years. Got a copy of Quickbooks, Peachtree (now known as Sage 50), Daceasy or some other system that no longer is capable of supporting your rapidly growing firm? We can help you pick a replacement, convert the data, train your staff, and integrate it into your other system. PC Methods is a leading US based Sage and Managed Services consulting firm.  

We support systems that the original manufacturer will not ! (For example SBT Pro, Advantage, ACCPAC Plus. etc.) We also support xTuple, and Process Pro installations.



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Thanks again for taking time during your vacation to window in and make the repairs on our server."

Bruce Kintop, Aurora IL

“We’re more efficient, Everybody can work at a better rate because it’s so smooth and we don’t have to stop for glitches.”

Lisa Apiquian, Westmont IL

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So, you can't buy Pro anymore, do you have to migrate to another product?

The short answer is no, there is an active community of Sage Pro developers and consultants who plan to keep this product viable for another ten years.

What does "end-of-life" mean: Sage has decided in 2014 that it is no longer profitable to sell this product. So, you can't buy more user licenses or different modules than what you already have, and you can only buy the product from another Sage Pro user who has decided to use a different accounting system.  

The real question is, do you benefit from Pro's source code oriented approach to solving business requirements in ERP systems, and can live with the current number of users you have licensed, or do you need something else.  We would be more than happy to assist you with evaluating your ERP roadmap. We have both source code and non-source code solutions available to consider.


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PC Methods, Inc. is a business software and ERP consulting firm for manufacturing and distribution companies in the Greater Chicago Area. We design and build cost effective, flexible business information systems that meet our clients' unique requirements and add value to their businesses. Our motto is "We won't sell you a jackhammer when a tack hammer will work just as well." We have Sage Pro consultants, FoxPro consultants, Sage 300 (Accpac) consultants and Sage CRM consultants with over 45 years of industry experience and dozens of years of experience working in the applications. If you need business systems consultant, an ERP consultant, someone who can analyze your accounting systems data and make sense out of it for you, or you are looking for manufacturing and inventory software support in the greater Chicago area, call us first. We also offer business network support for the Chicago area. 

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