Process Walk-through Checklist of Questions to Ask

Posted by Peter Heinicke on Tue, Jan 18, 2011 @ 11:40 AM

Question Every Activity - Always Ask Why

  1. Is the step or process necessary?

  2. Does it add value?

  3. Can it be eliminated?

  4. Is it labor intensive?

  5. Can it be automated?

  6. How accurate is the data?

  7. How many people participate in the process?

  8. Does it take excessive time to complete?

  9. Are too many handoffs occurring?

  10. Is there a duplication of effort?

  11. Is the output necessary?

  12. Is anyone using the output?

  13. How often do they use it?

  14. Is the input necessary?

  15. Are roles and responsibilities clearly defined?

  16. Are roles and responsibilities appropriate?

  17. What is slowing down the process?

  18. Are there needless reviews or approvals required?

  19. Is the physical piece of paper necessary?

  20. Is anyone performing similar tasks?

  21. Is the same data being keyed into multiple places? (For example, the accounting system, an Access database, spreadsheets, etc.)

  22. Does a backlog exist?

  23. How often are deadlines missed?

  24. What are the routine “fire drills”?

  25. How are they initiated?

  26. Who/what causes them?

  27. How accurate are the inputs/outputs?

  28. What are the busiest times of the day, week, month and/or quarter?