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xTuple ERP - The Versatile Smart Choice for Open ERP Systems

xTuple ERP

xTuple is a fully-integrated end-to-end software system for a large range of businesses and industries. xTuple includes the following:

  • Accounting (general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, bank reconciliation, financial reporting)
  • Sales (quotes, order entry, sales reporting, shipping)
  • CRM (universal address book, incident management, opportunity management, to-do lists, project management)
  • Purchasing (purchase orders, receiving, vendor reporting)
  • Product Definition (items, infinite-level bills of material)
  • Inventory and Distribution (multiple locations, other advanced warehouse features)
  • Light Manufacturing (work orders, strong support for make-to-order)
  • OpenRPT open source report writer


Postbooks is a free, source code provided version of xTuple which is limited in the number of users supported and does not have all the sophisticated manufacturing modules. But it does have the basic financial modules and a CRM package linked to it, so it is quite useful.

  • It can be used as a trial to see if xTuple will be something that will work from a feature/platform point of view
  • It can be used as a complete accounting/CRM system for smaller companies.









xTuple runs on Macs, Windows, and Linux

xTuple is the only fully functional manufacturing ERP system that runs equally well on Windows, Macs and Linux platforms. In fact, users can mix and match workstation operating systems - one user can run on a local windows workstation, while another works on a Macbook. Because of the light traffic between the workstation and the postgres database, the database server can be located anywhere on the web, it does not have to be in the local office. All that is required is to have a solid connection to the internet. (Such as high speed DSL). Most mid range ERP systems require something like Windows Terminal Server to get the best performance but xTuple does not.