Special pricing for Sage Pro and Sage Platinum customers

Expiring 3/15/2014, Sage is offering special pricing for Sage Pro and Sage Platinum customers.

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You can obtain one license of Sage 300 for each user license of Sage Pro if you purchase 2 years of Gold Support. This is 67% savings off what it would cost for a new license with 2 years of Gold Support. Sage 300 user installations include one named user of Sage CRM. 


The other option is to purchase 1 year of Gold support and some additional licenses of CRM, HRMS, Fixed assets, or Business Intelligence. For example if you had 10 Sage Pro users, you could purchase 1 year of gold for 10 Sage 300 licenses, and 9 additional Sage CRM named users. Other combinations are also possible. 


Sage Pro has a nice migration option into Sage 300 where you can transfer history except for Payroll, Job Cost, and Manufacturing. This will support translating up to 7 years of GL data. 

Please call us at the number above if you have any interest because time is running out. 

Peter Heinicke

Peter Heinicke

Chicago area ERP consultant with over 40 years of experience in Sage 300, Sage Pro, Quickbooks ERP and other systems

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