CRM: Accelerate Cash Flow by Managing Relationships

Relationship Management is something that every successful business MUST focus on improving every day. It is the core of our existence and applies to any department, title and any organization. Having a system in place to centralize all of your important financial and client data will make it easy for your financial team to do what they are supposed to do, collect money.

Imagine if a customer called into 5 different people in 5 different departments within your organization. This customer asked "I am about to catch a train and I have 60 seconds before I have to hang up. I want to place an order when I get back to the office and need to know the discount I was given on my last order so I can create the proposal on the train." How many different answer
s would this customer get? "Let me transfer you to sales", "Have we agreed to give you the same discount on this order?", "I can't access that information in 60 seconds", "We don't have access to that information let me transfer you", "Do you know your customer number?", "Who is your sales representative?", "Can I email you the information?" etc. 
The bottom line is we need to simplify relationship management to build relationships internally and externally making it easy for your financial team to get information, track calls, automatically follow up and bring in more CASH faster.
SageCRM offers a great system that will allow you to have control over your processes and resources. But more importantly, it gives you the tools you need to effectively manage, automate and build relationships with customers and vendors - through all phases of the buying/selling cycles. A few of the many powerful features in SageCRM include:

360-degree view of your customers, partners and prospects, giving your financial team real-time access to critical information.
Powerful calendaring and task management tools offer up-to-the-minute access to past due accounts, your most important partners, follow up calls and emails through a single central interface.
Automated workflow and escalation management features assure the right tasks are directed to those best qualified to get the job done making the entire staff more productive.
Central repository of information bringing everyone on your organization on the same age and reducing redundant work. Sales has access to vital financial information allowing them to close business without bothering finance. 
Now there's an easy way to accelerate your cash flow, build lasting more profitable relationships with your customers, vendors AND save your company time and money. If you want the ability to accurately track and analyze AR and AP processes and organize your financial team, SageCRM is the answer.  
If this article sparked your interest in CRM and you'd like to find out more call us at 630-208-8000
Peter Heinicke

Peter Heinicke

Chicago area ERP consultant with over 40 years of experience in Sage 300, Sage Pro, Quickbooks ERP and other systems

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