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Sage ERP Consulting

If you have a Sage/ACCPAC/SBT Pro/300 ERP system, you will want to take advantage of your system in a way that adds value to your business instead of just adding hassle and complexity. This program is not Quickbooks - it does require training to properly use each module. But once you have the training and software customizations as appropriate to your business, you will have a business information system which will last for years and grow with the business well beyond what the low end packages like Quickbooks or PeachTree can handle.

Here's where Precision Computer Methods comes in: We will provide a free evaluation of your existing Pro ERP system and make suggestions and provide quotes where needed for improvements and process changes that will bring the system up to your requirements.

Our goal is to be the best ERP consulting firm you ever hired, and if you don't agree that we are, we want to hear about it right away.