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Sage Pro ERP: Four options for the next step

Sage has recently announced that after 9/28/2012, all purchases of upgrades, new modules, and new lanpaks for Sage Pro ERP must be added to a system that is current on maintenance. This is not as bad...Read more

AccountMate: Sales Order Configurator and Manufacturing Configurator Module

Accountmate ERP system has been around for many years and is still going strong as a unified, source code based, MS SQL back end, enterprise resource planning system which can be customized at a...Read more

Budget Automation for Sage 300 ERP - It is easier than you think

Budget processes conducted outside of your accounting system using external spreadsheets and handwritten notes will slow you down....Read more

Fast Clear History - Best way to clean history for new year or upgrade.

  When should a large Sage 300 client clear history? Opportune times include when creating a new fiscal year or during a 2017 version upgrade. Fast Clear History clears Inventory and Order Entry...Read more

Fixed Assets software for Sage Pro ERP and Sage ACCPAC ERP

Sage FAS software is a depreciation, asset maintenance, and repair schedule module that links to a large number of accounting systems, including Sage PRO and Sage Accpac. While the main function of...Read more

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Seven reasons you need a Human Firewall

Automated tools like anti-virus software, firewalls, and other computerized security technology can only go so far to eliminate the threat posed by a small army of professional hackers. Like most...Read more

Why Office 365 is a better deal than Office 2016

Why Office 365 Is A Better Deal Than Office 2016 At PC Methods, we've found that there are two main objections customers have when considering purchasing Office 365 versus Office 2016.PricingFirst is...Read more

Ten reasons Windows 10 really rocks!

Windows, rocks   I am truly impressed: The past few releases of Windows have been a game of give and take. You gave the OS more resources and money, and got more features and security....Read more

Windows Server 2003 Retirement; Are You Prepared?

Are You Prepared for the Retirement of Windows Server 2003/R2?     Windows Server 2003 retirement is almost here. As of July 14, 2015 Windows Server 2003/R2 will no longer be supported by...Read more

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A great low cost tool to get more Web Traffic

  A great  low cost tool to improve your web traffic is called www.upcity.com. This tool is excellent for the purpose of tracking up to 5 keywords and building up your local links so...Read more

Business Development Opportunities for ISPs in Sub Saharan Africa

Though it is home to over thirteen percent of the world's population, Africa (and namely, Sub Saharan Africa) continues to account for only around three percent of internet usage, globally.  In...Read more

Autoresponder Magic - SEO SOS #18

  On average it takes about 7 contacts for you to entice your client into doing business with you.  That doesn't mean that a person has to come to your website 7 times before they will...Read more

SEO SOS #17 - PPC Advertising vs. Organic Positioning

Much of what our lessons have been geared toward focus on getting your website found by the search engines so that your potential audience can find you.  Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has been...Read more